DynoBox - The iPhone Dynometer

DynoBox turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a versatile Dynamometer to measure your car's performance. Key features are: Measure Quartermile performance, time to topspeed, measure breaking performance, measure power of your car. You may choose from a wide range of different measurements. Change the units to fit your needs, you may choose between mph, km/h, meters, miles, hp, kW and PS.
Graphs of all key information are displayed during the run. After each run you can review the values by sliding your finger over the display.


  1. Attach your iPhone in an upright position in a car mount. The screen should face to the back of your car.
  2. Tapping the little "i" button on the top right corner brings up the preferences table.

  3. The first preferences table lets you choose which units to display. Choose between mph or km/h for speed, meters or feet for the distance and kW, hp or PS for power.

  4. The second preferences tab lets you choose which value you want to measure. Choose between measuring the time and distance until you reach a certain speed (0-60 mph for example) or measure time and speed until you reach a cetain distance (this is good to measure 1/4 mile performance). The third group of options lets you measure how much distance and time it takes to accelerate from 0 to a certain speed and then do an emergency break.

  5. The section labeled "Weight" lets you enter your cars weight (fueld and with passengers) in kg. This is necessary to calculate the power of your car correctly.

  6. The last section lets you choose if your iPhone is attached to the windscreen or dashboard of your car with a car mount. We highly recommend using a universal or even better special car mount. The iPhone should be attached to your car as solid as possible to get correct measurements.
    A quick car mount can be built from a half-empty role of toilet paper. Squeeze your iPhone into the inner tube and fix the role in a cupholder. Please note, that only a good car mount gives accurate values.

  7. After setting up DynBox you are ready to measure. Return to the application screen by tapping the "DONE" button in the upper right corner of the main preferences screen.
  8. When your car stand still, tap the "Start" button on the top of the screen. A spinning circle to the left indicates that DynoBox is now waiting until you start to accelerate. Please note, that mesuring only works correctly if started from a standing car.
  9. As soon as you begin to accelerate you will hear a beep that indicates that DynoBox has started measuring. The graph and the display on top begin to display the measured values.
  10. A second beep indicates that (speed or distance) you hit your desired goal. You can stop your car and review your last run. Slide your finger over the graph to see individual values for each split second of your run. Measuring will also end when you stop your car before hiotting your goal.br> When you are in break performance mode the second beep is heard, when you hit the target speed. Then you need to break until a third beep is heard to indicate that you hit 0 speed. Only then the run is finished.

  11. The display in the bottom shows you the lateral (sideway) G-Force. On the right you find the maximum lateral G-Force you achieved.

Please use DynoBox on private roads or on a race track only. Do not use the application in public traffic! We can not take any responsibility if this application is used on public roads!

Getting accurate measurements

To get accurate measurements you need to attach the iPhone to your car. Just putting it somewhere inside your car or holding it in the hand wont do it. The best thing is to put the iPhone into a dedicated car mout. A good car mount has few joints and should be very stable. You could also stick it into a half-empty role of toilet paper and then put the role with your iPhone into a cupholder of your car.
The second thing you need to keep in mind is that the screen of the iPhone should face as directly backwards as possible. While DynoBox will autocalibrate itself and try to correct any errors, try to swivle the iPhone upwards or sideway as few as possible.

How to install

DynoBox is available only at the Apple AppStore. You can download it directly on your iPhone 3G or use iTunes.

While we are working hard to enhance DynoBox there will be updates in the future which can automatically be installed from the AppStore to your iPhone or from iTunes for free.
Probably you want to check out our iPhone Speedometer application as well.

Questions, Suggestions and contact

We would very much like to hear what you think about our application and what features you would like to have in addition to the basic Dynamometer function. Feel free to contact us with whatever comes to your mind. Of course critics are very welcome! Just use the following contact form to mail us.

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  • Speed, Distance, Power, Time
  • Display graphs
  • Review each run by touching the graph
  • Customize all units
  • Autocalibration


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