Speed - The Android Speedometer App

Speed utilizes your Android phones GPS device by showing you the actual speed and distance you are traveling. You can use it to measure the speed of your car, your bike, the speed of your boat, the train or even the plane your on. In the top left corner you see your maximum speed and on the bottom is a graph of the recently traveled speed. Switch between mph and km/h display by touching the "Menu" button of your phone.
This handy and beautiful Android Speedometer app can be used in your car.


Questions, Suggestions and contact

We would very much like to hear what you think about our application and what features you would like to have in addition to the basic speedometer function. Feel free to contact us with whatever comes to your mind. Of course critics are very welcome! Just use the following contact form to mail us.

Features in Version 1.0

  • Current speed digital and anlog
  • Distance
  • Maximum speed
  • Speed graph
  • mph and km/h
  • Reset distance and maximum speed

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