Use your iPhone or iPad as a digital speedometer with lots of extra features.


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iPhone Speedometer

Speed Box HUD utilizes the iPhone's GPS device by showing you the actual speed, distance and altitude you are traveling.

You can use it to measure the speed of your car, your bike, the speed of your boat, the train or even the plane your on. SpeedBoxHUD also incoporates a HUD display that shows the display right in the windshield of your car. Just like in modern luxury cars.

SpeedBox also has a digital compass, which can be switched on to display the direction you are going.


How to install

SpeedBox is available in the App Store. You can download it directly on your iPhone or in iTunes.

Please allow SpeedBox to use location services when you first start the application.

Go to the settings page by tapping the little "gear" icon in the top right corner.




Some ratings by users

★★★★★ by kurtonic "Awsome!!! The best speed app on iphone"

★★★★★ by Darekakuta "Just what I needed. My '58 chev's speedo doesn't work. This did the trick."

★★★★★ by Rawd "Great My 79 Firebird speedo only goes to 140 kmh. ;). This worked perfectly."

★★★★★ "Within 1 mile per hour +/- Great Job!"



Question: The app asks me to "enable location services in the Settings app", what's up with that?
Answer: You need to allow Speed Box to know your location to show you the speed. You can do this from the Settings app on your iPhone. Please note, that there are different ways to do this on iOS5 and iOS6:

iOS 7

iOS 6

iOS 5

Question: The app doesn't run on my iPod touch or iPad!
Answer: The app needs a GPS receiver to show you the speed. The iPod touch does not have such a receiver, as does the iPad Wifi without 3G. I am sorry for the inconvenicene, please contact me below for a full refund!

Question: Does the app use my wireless data?
Answer: The app does not use up your wireless data plan. The speed as calculated using the iPhone's GPS receiver, which operates independently from your wireless contract.

Question: The App shows a lower speed than my car's speedometer!
The speedometers in cars usually show a slightly higer speed (easily up to 5-8 mph) than you are really travelling at to compensate for wear and inaccuracies. In most countries this is required by law. The GPS usually shows the more accurate speed.

Questions, Suggestions and contact

I would very much like to hear what you think about my application and what features you would like to have in addition to the basic speedometer function. Feel free to contact us with whatever comes to your mind. Of course critics are very welcome! Just use the following contact form to mail me.

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Please note this is an older version of SpeedBox. It's much nicer now!